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Want to partner with, design beautiful home interiors and earn handsomely? Sign up for a free orientation session conducted by one of our experts and know more about the new-way of designing and delivering interiors. As a Design Partner, you can work with us on a lucrative revenue-sharing agreement and get rid of the hassles of lead generation, manufacturing and installation. Sounds like a good deal?
Kindled your creative spark, have we? Then spread the word and let others know of this awesome opportunity as well. After all, good news only gets better when you share it! is journeying to creative greatness, and we sincerely hope to see you traveling the same road.

Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Be a Design Partner

How it Works

Once you become a Design Partner

Get Leads
We share the leads of our potential clients and you meet them at the Heritage showroom or the site to offer your expert advice.


You draft designs and once approved by the client,Heritage will manufacture and install the products at clients’ site while you will act as custodian of our customer relationship and oversee that the client is satisfied with the final delivery.
Earn Money & Grow
You will be entitled to a total 6% of the project cost where 3% of the project cost will be paid for booking client’s order and balance 3% on the completion of the project.
Q: I want to be on my own . Are you asking me to employ with ?
A: We respect your decision to be on your own, whether it’s as an entrepreneur or a freelancer or as part of a design firm. With the Design Partner program, you don’t have to employ yourself with Instead, you will be our partner. We will sign a contract to work together and you will earn a percentage of the total project value you work on.
Q: What will my revenue-share be?
A:5% of the final project value for leads assigns to you; 7.5% if you bring your own lead. Average ticket size / project at is Rs. 5 Lacs. Design Partners typically close 4 new projects every month (works out to Rs. 90,000 per month), with our top Design Partners doing 5-8 as well (works out to Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 2,40,000 per month).
Q:Why should I route my own leads through
A:Why shouldn’t you? With , your leads get the best of both worlds – working with you and high-quality products delivered in 45-days flat, from Heritage. We also offer you an increased revenue share of 7.5% for leads you bring in.
Q: what does signsaipmc do and not do , in the home decor space ?
A: offers turnkey, modular, fixed furniture solutions. This includes woodwork, accessories (e.g., granite slabs, handles, sinks) and appliances (e.g., hobs & chimneys), minor electrical and civil work needed for installation, false ceiling and wall paper. In addition to this, we also have partnerships with vendors who do lighting, wooden flooring and other allied services. The team in your city will provide you with this list when you join us.
Q:So , can i not offer anything else to my clients other than Heritage furniture products ?
A: We recognize the importance of a customer having a single solutions provider for her / his home décor needs. If there are services that or its preferred vendors don’t provide (e.g., cots, sanitary ware etc), you can leverage your own network of service providers to offer these to your clients. These will not fall under the purview of the 45-day guarantee or the 5-year warranty, so it’s best if you have a separate contractual arrangement with the client for all work.
Q:When will I receive the payment  ?
A:Half your revenue share of the final project value when the customer pays the first 10%; remaining half upon installation completion. Customers pay 10% when confirming that they want us to do their project; 40% when they sign off on the final design and drawings and the remaining 50% before final delivery and installation.

Q:What are my responsibilities as Design Partner ?

A: At, we believe that working with an exceptional and diverse pool of Design Partners like you is a phenomenal opportunity for all of us to organize the home décor space in India like never before. Making the most of this opportunity is up to all of us. For this, we’ve split up roles & responsibilities so that each of us focuses on (a) what we are awesome at, and (b) what we love doing. As a DP, you will lead the charge on the following accounts: Pre-sales (From the time we introduce you to a client to the time she / he pays 10%)

    • On being assigned a lead by the pre-sales team, meet the prospective client & understand her / his requirements
    • Visit the local Heritage showroom on at least 3 Saturdays / Sundays every month – we get 80% visits on weekends, between 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. On average, you will meet 2-4 new leads each day you spend at the showroom.
    • Additionally, opt for visiting clients at their homes / sites with the partner Heritage ‘showroom in a box’. We will provide you with physical samples, images of past projects, rendered looks and some cutting-edge devices like an HL Google Cardboard to give an immersive, 3-D experience to your clients.
    • Provide a 1st quote (with sample images & approximate price) to the prospect within 24 hours of meeting the client. You will have access to’s exhaustive product catalogue & sample images repository, as well as our pricing model for this. On average, this is a 25-minute activity.
    • Follow up with the prospect to confirm project and collect 10% payment. We don’t provide detailed design options to prospects without a 10% initial payment.
    • Update the team on lead status through the Customer Relationship Management system, email and phone. Without this, we won’t know how you or the client are doing, and hence won’t be able to help.


    • Within 2 days of collecting 10%, visit the client’s site & supervise measurements. A measurement expert will accompany you.
    • Finalize production-ready designs (2-D & 3-D), pricing, accessories and appliances, and get & client to sign off
    • Visit client’s site to ensure final design fits
    • Collect 40% payment
    • Communicate regularly with the client; update CRM & Heritage Sales team regularly


  • Send final drawings to the Heritage Furniture for Production team
  • Lead kick-off meeting with Production team & brief site supervisor
  • Collect 50% before delivery
  • Communicate regularly with the client; update CRM & Sales team regularly will take care of:

  • Branding & marketing
  • Online & offline lead generation
  • Showrooms – fixed & mobile
  • Product catalogue
  • Sales support team for all Design Partners
  • Production & installation

Q:If you are reading this, you are already on your way! To confirm yourself as a Design Partner:

  • Attend one of our orientation sessions throuh (email to know when the next one is scheduled)
  • Express interest in signing up, with the folks presenting at the orientation
  • Meet one of our senior designers one-on-one: use this as an opportunity to evaluate if you’d like to work with us; we’ll do the same!
  • If both of us give a green sign, review & sign the Design Partner contract
  • Register for a 1-day (8 hr) induction program in your city. This will contain compulsory modules on design tools, processes & customer-handling training. This program happens once every month; feel free to choose one that works for you.
  • Meet your first client lead at the showroom / client’s site. As mentioned earlier, we receive 80% of our customers at the showroom over the weekend. Hence, it’s crucial that you make yourself available for at least 3 Saturdays or Sundays every month.

Feel free to reach out to the following team members with more questions: Email: Phone: Sridhar (+91-8374225624)

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