How it Works

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Fall in love
with our designs

A home is a reflection of who you are! Find a design that meets your requirements and speaks to your sense of style & budget.

Meet our experts,
share your dreams

Our experts understand your requirements, help you make sense of your space and advice you on which materials and design are best suited to your style.

See it come alive
in 3d

You can know how exactly your space will look even before it is built, with our custom 3Ds. You now can visualise your space realistically. Uncertainty of the finished outcome is a thing of the past.

Touch & feel materials
before ordering

Select finishes, handles, hardware and much more all in one place. Here at Design Cafe we deliver quality that you can touch and trust.

Love it? Great!

Review & Sign off on your custom designs for each space, so you are 100% sure it is the home of your dreams. All then you have to do is hit the launch button.

Your order is now
on the factory floor

 Each piece of furniture is made at our factories with cutting-edge technology and a 51-point quality-check that ensures the final product is better than you imagined. No more worries about defects or quality of material. You get the best, ALWAYS.

Bringing the puzzle

Our professional team manages everything for you: from sourcing artwork and curtains to furnishings and lighting installation. You therefore do not have to deal with anyone else… we’re there to help bring your dream home to life.

Move in,
in 59 days

You no longer need an astrologer to predict the date you move in. You can track your project every step of the way directly on our website. Rest assured: we complete on time, every time.

Partners for 5 years,
friends for life

Our homes are built to last, that is why they come with a 5-year warranty. Though our service and dedication to serve you does not stop at the end of 5 years. We are friends for life. Come partner with us and let us build your dream home.

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