Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to questions clients frequently ask Vizag Interiors . Some give insights to our work process. We have also included some questions which may not be relevant in the context but quirky indeed.

  • What is Vizag Interiors ?
  • Answer : Vizag Interiors is a concept design firm. We specialize in interior , exterior elevation and project management  concepts.
  • What is your design philosophy?
  • Answer : We are not saying , “you have got to buy it” and we are definitely not saying, “there is only one way.Vizag Interiors offers a simple method of assisting you in identifying your own individual style.
  • What is Vizag Interiors’s long term goal in the field of design?
  • Answer : Our long term aspiration is to bring good design to everyone.
  • How do you price a project?
  • Answer : Each project is unique and custom, so each project has many variables on top of the scope of services that you select. Is the project on a steeply sloped site, on substrate that requires specific engineering solutions for footings and foundations, part of a community that has strict covenants and design review process? These are the type of variables that affect project fees. Once we have had a chance to review your project, we can provide you pricing based on either an hourly or per square foot schedule depending on the project and the services you require.
  • What are the things taken into consideration when designing for clients from different geographic locations?
  • Answer : More than geography, we give importance to the class of society they belong to. People from a certain class of society, wants the same thing world wide. There is a globalization of taste.
  • What is your take on minimalism?
  • Answer : Many people are ready to cast off their excess baggage. Of course the hungry have no need to diet, but it will eventually change. We can all benefit if we consume less. Minimalistic life style is now being associated with luxury.
  • Will I be getting the actual interior as it is in 3D image? What about the lighting that is given in the 3D.will the room be having the same amount of light inside?
  • Answer : We don’t fudge in presentations. There are no pretty pictures just to get a job, or a design which changes in execution because it is not do-able. What the client sees is what he gets. The intensity is decided by the volts, the smoothness of the wall, and the color of the wall. The calculations are done in such a way that it mimics real time objects.
  • Can the client purchase the materials done in the design on his own?
  • Answer : Yes, he can if he chooses to. After the design is finalized, the cost and required quantity of material and technical know how is transferred to the client. This is usually done for client residing outside India. Also we associate with local contractors who get the design done. We provide all technical support for the successful completion.
  • Are the fabric and curios used in the 3D views available in the market for purchase so that it can be replicated exactly?
  • Answer : The designing is done after a market analysis on a period of every 3 months. This includes fabrics, furniture, curtain clothes, light fittings and finishes. The design is done choosing the materials so that it is within the budget of the client.
  • What do you consider as Vizag Interiors’s biggest strength?
  • Answer : “Listening”. Yes we understand that even if a design is artistic and wonderful, it will not serve purpose if the client doesn’t love it. So we are here to listen to you about “what your dream home is all about”.
  • How does the collection of work in the profile help a client identify his requirement?
  • Answer : The collection of our work, we would like to present it as a tool to stimulate you into thinking about the things you want to surround yourself at home. The function of all images here is to ask the question,” does this resonate with me”? We want people to enjoy the process of creating their own home.

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