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LRS_GO Nos 131 & LRS_GO Nos 135

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Youtubers Help Group !!!


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The careerhammer website for the employement click : http://www.careerhammer.com/

As per the website details it is based in Gurgaon ,Haryana ,INDIA -122001.

People who are getting phone calls from this website needs to be extremely careful while paying the amount to the site,as https is not available for the payment option. This site is not a secure to pay through this website .

8 ways to detect a fake job offer
Job seekers often receive fake job offers on email. While some are easy to spot, others may not be

Apeksha Kaushik, TimesJobs.com (Courtesy)

While internet has helped job seekers find vacancies at the click of a button from anywhere, it has also made them more vulnerable to hackers.

Arpit Prakash Mathur, founder and CEO, Talific Consulting, shares eight ways to figure out whether the job offer you have just received is genuine or fake.

1. Fraudulent job emails usually don’t have detailed information about the job, role, company and package. The content of the e-mail would be vague and unclear.

2. If money is asked, then it’s fake job call. No legitimate company asks for money in the name of bond or security deposits in advance.

3. The list of opening shared with you would be enormous — right from blue collar staffers of all industries to white collar staffers to the top management.

4. Generally, these emails would land in your spam folder. Because, they were sent in bulk.

5. Email address from where the mail is sent would be deceptive. You would find email address where the name of the company would be displayed like this ‘@abc.com’. However, a genuine job call from any company will never use email services of Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Hotmail to send job offers to candidates.

6. Office address given in the bottom of the mail would mostly be wrong.

7. Fake job calls generally would have numerous misspellings and grammatical errors.

8. It’s a fake job call if you asked to disclose your date of birth, social security number or any other personal detail. Companies may ask for some of this information but not before the job offer has been made. It is at secondary stage after you have been shortlisted that some such information is required for background check.

To stay safe, it is advisable to do a little research about the company before applying. See if there are openings on their career page. Also, compare the contact information from company website to the information that you have received in email.
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Poultry farm

I want land for lease for starting poultry.minimum of 1-2acers of land with Road connectivity.If you have trees like mango , geedi mamidi, we secure and take care of your trees till their cropping time. we need lands near to visakhaptnam , anakapalli , and kakinada.

Poultry farm
Poultry farm

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Requirement of Plot / Site at NAD Kotha Road Visakhapatnam

We are looking for a plot/site at NAD Kotha Road Visakhapatnam or Secondhand house for purchase. we are preferring East and North facing plots only.

Any person interested for construction or developing the site on mutual understanding also welcome.

Interested parties contact me 8374225624 with details on signs369@yahoo.com

visit us at www.vizag-interiors.com

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